Battle of An Loc (1972)

An Loc was the capital of Binh Long Province, an area approximately 65 miles north of Saigon. Between April 13 and July 11, 1972, the siege of An Loc was a major part of the North Vietnamese Eastertide Offensive. Combined Vietcong (VC) and North Vietnamese Army (NVA) forces left their Cambodian bases and captured Loc Ninh, a town 15 miles north of An Loc. The ARVN 5th Division went up to defend An Loc, and the NVA then surrounded the town and cut off reinforcements. Through more than three months of intense fighting, the South Vietnamese held their ground, with the help of enormous support from American B-52 bombing sorties. The North Vietnamese and Vietcong ended the battle and withdrew from Binh Long Province on July 11, 1972.