Civil War Films

"In our youth our hearts were touched with fire.
It was given us to learn at the outset
that life is a profound and passionate thing."
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Alvarez Kelly
William Holden stars as a cattle man who sells steers to the Yankees. Then he is kidnapped by Richard Widmark, a Confederate soldier, who makes him steal cattle for the South.
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The Beguiled
A textured film about a wounded Civil War soldier (Clint Eastwood) who recuperates in a girls' school. He stirs up passions among the females. This is one of Eastwood's best films.
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Bugles in the Afternoon
Ray Milland is branded a coward during the Civil War and must prove his manhood at Little Big Horn. Also starring Forrest Tucker and George Reeves.

Cold Mountain
Jude Law plays a leading role as Inman, a wounded confederate soldier who is on a perilous journey home to his mountain community, hoping to reunite with his prewar sweetheart, Ada, played by Nicole Kidman.
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The Desperados
Deserters up to no good in the West. Starring Vince Edwards and Jack Palance.

Drums in the Deep South
Exciting Civil War tale of men from West Point soldiering on different sides. Starring James Craig, Guy Madison, and Barbara Payton.
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This outstanding film is a powerful telling of the great battle. Starring Tom Berenger, Jeff Daniels, Sam Elliot, and Martin Sheen as General Robert E. Lee. A powerful film of the personalities involved.
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One of the best historical films ever made, this is the story of America's first unit of black soldiers during the Civil War and the young officer who trained and lead them into battle. Starring Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Cary Elwes. Based on letters from the time, the screenplay is by Kevin Jarre. Denzel Washington won an Oscar for Supporting Actor.
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Gone with the Wind
American classic in which a manipulative woman and a roguish man carry on a turbulent love affair in the American south during the Civil War and Reconstruction.
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Little Women
Little Women is a "coming of age" drama tracing the lives of four sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. During the American Civil War, the girls father is away serving as a minister to the troops. The family, headed by thier beloved Marmee, must struggle to make ends meet, with the help of their kind and wealthy neighbor, Mr. Laurence, and his high spirited grandson Laurie.
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The Littlest Rebel
A Civil War movie starring adorable Shirley Temple. Set in the Old South, our little sweetie wins over a Union officer to protect her Confederate officer daddy. Sounds stupid, but is really quite good. Bill Robinson and America's sweetheart dance up a storm. With Stepin Fetchit and other talented actors.
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The Red Badge of Courage
Audie Murphy, the most decorated WW II soldier, stars in this moving Civil War drama based on Stephen Crane's haunting novel of the human side of war. Directed by John Huston.
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Ride with the Devil
The Civil War of battlefields and plantation houses is nowhere to be seen here. Instead we see the war as an improvised and largely blundering but very bloody feud among neighbors in the border state of Missouri.
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Rio Conchos
Post-Civil War Texas is the setting for this Western adventure about stolen rifles and macho fights. Starring Richard Boone, Tony Franciosa, Jim Brown (film debut), and Edmond O'Brien.
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Rio Grande
Colorful depiction of the grand spirit of the Cavalry during post-Civil War days. Starring John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, and Chill Wills. Directed by John Ford. Sons of the Pioneers supply the songs. One terrific movie.
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Rio Lobo
Ex-Union Colonel John Wayne is fighting mad and out to settle some scores. Directed by Howard Hawks, this movie has wonderful dialogue, great action, and smart performances all around.
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The Sacketts
Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, and Glenn Ford star in a Louis L'Amour saga about the trials and tribulations of the Sackett Brothers in the post-Civil War west.
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Compelling tale of a widower from Virginia who could care less about the Civil War until his family is caught up in it. James Stewart stars in this emotional drama. Great acting, great movie.
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Skin Game
Offbeat comedy about James Garner and Louis Gossett in post-Civil War days running a con-game as master and slave. There's a point here, but it's layered with laughs. Garner and Gossett are a great team.
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A Southern Yankee
Red Skelton plays a bumbling Yankee spy behind enemy lines. A laugh-a-minute comedy. Buster Keaton had his hand in this film. With Brian Donlevy, Arlene Dahl, and John Ireland.

The Undefeated
John Wayne stars in this post-Civil War movie about Union and Confederate colonels. With Rock Hudson, Roman Gabriel, Bruce Cabot, Merlin Olsen, and Ben Johnson. An action-filled Duke Western.
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