First Aviation Brigade

Headquartered at Tan Son Nhut Air Base (May 1966 to December 1967 and December 1972 to March 1973) and Long Binh (December 1967 to December 1972), the First Aviation Brigade carried out aerial reconnaissance, medical evacuations, tactical assaults, fire support, and cargo handling. At its peak strength, the First Aviation Brigade consisted of 7 aviation groups, 20 aviation battalions, 4 air cavalry squadrons, 641 fixed-wing aircraft, 441 Cobra AH-1G attack helicopters, 311 CH-47 cargo helicopters, 635 OH-6A observation helicopters, and 2,202 UH-1 utility helicopters. The First Aviation Brigade also worked actively with the Rural Development Program in relocating Vietnamese civilians during pacification. During its deployment to Vietnam, the First Aviation Brigade had eight commanders: Brigadier General George P. Seneff (May 1966 to November 1967); Major General Robert R. Williams (November 1967 to April 1969); Brigadier General Allen M. Burdett, Jr. (April 1969 to January 1970); Brigadier General George W. Putnam, Jr. (January 1970 to August 1970); Colonel Samuel G. Cockerham (acting) (August 1970); Brigadier General Jack W. Hemingway (August 1970 to September 1971); Brigadier General Robert N. Mackinnon (September 1971 to September 1972); and Brigadier General Jack V. Mackmull (September 1972 to March 1973).