II Field Force Vietnam

Headquartered at Bien Hoa, the II Field Force Vietnam was in the Republic of Vietnam between March 1966 and May 1971, assisting ARVN forces (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) in III and IV Corps, protecting Saigon, controlling U.S. military operations in the Mekong Delta, and directing the invasion of Cambodia (Operation Binh Tay) in 1970. II Field Force Vietnam was a corps-level military organization. The following individuals commanded II Field Force Vietnam: Major General Jonathan Seaman (March 1966-March 1967); Lt. General Bruce Palmer, Jr. (March 1967-July 1967); Lt. General Frederick C. Weyand (July 1967-August 1968); Lt. General Walter Kerwin, Jr. (August 1968-April 1969); Lt. General Julian Ewell (April 1969-April 1970); and Lt. General Michael S. Davison (April 1970-May 1971).


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