Return to Saigon

Original Screenplay
Diana J. Dell & Carol Dingle

Log Line: After experiencing an unforgettable adventure while working at the USO in Vietnam, three women return thirty-five years later, eager to relive lingering memories of that year in Saigon.

Synopsis: In 1971, three courage and caring twenty-something American women learned about life, love and loss while working at the USO in Vietnam.

Radio personality Debbie Dawson and her friends, black and proud Constance Johnson and Spanish spitfire Katarina "Kat" Martinez, had the time of their lives while entertaining the troops and keeping the bored GI's out of trouble. They were surrounded by and enjoyed the camaraderie of a group of colorful and sometimes loony friends, from a classy Eurasian call girl to a French nun. And their love lives were both fulfilled and complicated by the men of their dreams: Army doctor Brett Miller, "Soul Train" disc jockey Josh Jackson and general's aide Ricardo Chavez. But as the war wound down a nd US troops continued to leave at a steady pace, Debbie, Constance and Kat found themselves confronting secrets and loss amid their laughter.

Thirty-five years later, the three friends return to Vietnam, eager to relive unforgettable, lingering memories of that year in Saigon.