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"I was proud of the youths who opposed the war in Vietnam
because they were my babies."
--Benjamin Spock, 1988

Against the Vietnam War: Writings by Activists
by Mary Susannah Robbins (Editor)
The protest movement in opposition to the Vietnam War was a complex amalgam of political, social, economic, and cultural motivations, factors, and events. "Against the Vietnam War" brings together the different facets of that movement and its various shades of opinion. Here the participants themselves offer statements and reflections on their activism, the era, and the consequences of a war that spanned three decades and changed the United States of America. The keynote is on individual experience in a time when almost every event had national and international significance. This collection includes classic documents and new essays by Noam Chomsky, Arlene Ash, Howard Zinn, Staughton Lynd, Martin Luther King, Jr., James Fallows, Eugene McCarthy, Daniel Berrigan, H. Bruce Franklin, and Jane Sass. A foreword by Staughton Lynd considers the events of the Vietnam War in the context of the present war in Iraq.

Muhammad Ali
A hero of the antiwar movement, as well as for poor people and blacks.

An American Ordeal: The Antiwar Movement of the Vietnam War (Syracuse Studies on Peace and Conflict Resolution)
The first interpretive history that covers the antiwar movement in this country throughout the entire Vietnam era. Richly illustrated with compelling photographs of the times, the book chronicles the war struggle that provoked a struggle about America.

An American Requiem: God, My Father, and the War That Came Between Us
by James Carroll
This book is Carroll's story of what it was like to be an anti-war priest in the '60s while his father was an Air Force general deeply involved in Pentagon planning.

Apocalypse Now
An American military assassin journeys up river into Cambodia on an assignment to find and kill an American colonel who has gone beyond the limits of the military's code of warfare. Considered by many to be the quintessential anti-war movie. Based on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Writers: John Milius, Francis Ford Coppola, and Michael Herr. Stars: Martin Sheen, Robert Duvall, and Marlon Brando.

Joan Baez
One of the leading antiwar activists.

The Berrigan Brothers
Antiwar activists and priests.

Born on the Fourth of July
Powerful and realistic story of Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic, who joined the Marines as a gung-ho recruit and came back home paralyzed. He then endured an ordeal of physical and mental rehabilitation before becoming an antiwar activist. Writers: Oliver Stone and Ron Kovik, from the memoir by Ron Kovik. Stars: Tom Cruise, Willem Dafoe, Caroline Kava, and Raymond J. Barry.

The Chicago Seven
The famous antiwar group.

Noam Chomsky Quotations
Wise words from the famous writer.

William Sloan Coffin
A dominant figure in the antiwar movement.

Jane Fonda
Her trip to North Vietnam earned her the rage of American conservatives.

The Truth About My Trip To Hanoi by Jane Fonda
"Some people seem to need to hate and I make a convenient lightning rod. I think the lies and distortions serve some right-wing purpose--fundraising? Demonizing me so as to scare others from becoming out-spoken anti-war activists?"

Hearts and Minds
A documentary of the conflicting attitudes of the opponents of the Vietnam war.

In the Year of the Pig
Produced at the height of the Vietnam War, Emile de Antonio’s Oscar®-nominated 1968 documentary chronicles the war’s historical roots. With palpable outrage, De Antonio assembles period interviews with journalists, politicians, and key military personnel and international newsreel and archival footage to create a scathing chronicle of America’s escalating involvement in this divisive conflict. The savage and horrific images speak for themselves in perhaps the most controversial film of de Antonio’s career, and the film he cites as his personal favorite.

Kent State University
On May 1, 1970, students at Kent State University in Ohio marched against the war and rioted.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
From the very beginning of the conflict in Vietnam, King had grave misgivings about it, seeing it as a misguided effort on the part of the United States.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotations
Great thoughts from the Nobel Prize winner.

Eugene McCarthy
Senator McCarthy was a blunt opponent of the Vietnam War.

National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam
A short-lived organization formed in August 1965 in order to mobilize nationwide activity against the war in Vietnam.

A Saigon Party: And Other Vietnam War Short Stories
Irreverent, sardonic, creative, cynical, astute, sarcastic, original, satirical, witty, intelligent, cheeky, and insightful.

Dr. Benjamin Spock
Antiwar activist and writer.

Spring Mobilization to End the War in Vietnam
Up to its time, the Spring Mobilization was the largest antiwar demonstration in U.S. history.

Thich Quang Duc
Thich Quang Duc's suicide marked the beginning of the end of the Diem regime.

Vietnam, Al Qaeda and Saddam...the Baghdad Follies
by Bob Lupo

The War at Home
Interviews with people involved with and leading the Madison, Wisconsin area resistance to the Vietnam war.

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