Vietnam War Quiz:
Films Based on Books

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1. A traffic helicopter pilot is enlisted to work for a CIA airline flying contraband into Laos during the Vietnam War. While there he learns that they are also shipping opium out of the country for the local drug lords. What is the name of the book and who is the author?

a. "Air America" by Christopher Robbins
b. "Chickenhawk" by Robert Mason
c. "Exodus" by Leon Uris

2. "Born on the Fourth of July" is a powerful and realistic story of a Vietnam veteran who joined the Marines as a gung-ho recruit and came back home paralyzed. He then endures an ordeal of physical and mental rehabilitation before becoming an antiwar activist. From whose memoir is this movie based?

a. Al Gore
b. Ron Kovik
c. Newt Gingrich

3. A narrow-minded sheriff harasses a drifter without realizing that he is a Green Beret who has been shoved around by everybody since his return from the Vietnam War. The vet, John Rambo, resolves to fight back this time and demolishes the sheriff's town. What is the novel the film is based on and who wrote it?

a. "REMF Diary" by David A Willson
b. "Streamers" by David Rabe
c. "First Blood" by David Morrell

4. In "Flight of the Intruder," pilots from an aircraft carrier off the coast of Vietnam resolve to bomb Hanoi and are shot down. Who wrote the novel the film was based on?

a. Robert Stone
b. Stephen Coonts
c. James Webb

5. A group of recruits in "Full Metal Jacket" struggle through the de-humanizing drilling of a cruel sergeant in basic training on Parris Island. Later in Vietnam, the soldiers come to rely on being ruthless to survive the battle of Hue. Name the novel the film was based on and who wrote it?

a. "The Short-Timers" by Gustav Hasford
b. "A Station in the Delta" by John Cassidy
c. "Don's Nam" by Franklin D. Rast

6. "Go Tell the Spartans" is set in the early 60s. Burt Lancaster is an advisory group commander who is starting to have his doubts about the war. He leads a group of experienced, disheartened soldiers to the defense of a useless, abandoned village that the French had once tried and failed to defend. The film is based on what novel and who wrote it?

a. "Incident at Muc Wa" by Daniel Ford
b. "My War" by Rush Limbaugh
c. "G.I. Diary" by David Parks

7. A Special Forces command in "The Green Berets" defends a military outpost and kidnaps a Viet Cong leader. Typical hawkish John Wayne (who never served in the military) flick. Be sure to catch the final scene, when the sun sinks into the East. The book of the same name was written by whom?

a. Sylvester Stallone
b. Tim O’Brien
c. Robin Moore

8. What Oliver Stone film, starring Tommy Lee Jones, is based on the memoirs "When Heaven and Earth Changed Places," by Le Ly Hayslip and Jay Wurts, and "Child of War, Woman of Peace," by Le Ly and James Hayslip?

a. "Heaven and Earth"
b. "JFK"
c. "Natural Born Killers"

9. This movie is about a girl who struggles to learn about her father who died in Vietnam before she was born and about the war he fought in. What is the book (same name as the movie) the film is based on and who wrote it?

a. "Living Room War" by Michael Arlen
b. "Memories Are Like Clouds" by Diana J. Dell
c. "In Country" by Bobbie Ann Mason

10. "In Love and War" is a true story of a pilot, who was shot down over Vietnam, and his wife whose crusade against the U.S. government's inactivity over the POW's predicament eventually secured her husband's release. The former pilot was Ross Perot's presidential running mate in 1992. The book was written by the pilot and his wife. Who are they?

a. Jim and Sybil Stockdale
b. George and Barbara Bush
c. Bill and Susan Weld

11. In "The Lost Command," French soldiers fail courageously at Dien Bien Phu and go on to fight for a losing cause in Algeria. Name the book the movie was based on and the author.

a. "Bitter Victory" by Robert Shaplen
b. "Dien Bien Phu" by Pierre Langlais
c. "The Centurians" by Jean Larteguy

12. An adolescent French girl becomes the lover of a well-to-do Chinese man in 1920s Saigon, but their love is forbidden by the social order of the era. "The Lover" was filmed in Vietnam. Not really a war movie, but certainly worth watching just for the spectacular Vietnam scenes. The book and film have the same title. Who wrote the book?

a. Paige Dempsey
b. Marguerite Duras
c. Linda Estes

13. An uninitiated lieutenant in "Platoon Leader" must earn the trust and respect of his battle-hardened platoon. From whose memoir is the film based?

a. James R. McDonough
b. Bob Hope
c. Martha Raye

14. A returning Black POW (Richard Pryor) of six years finds that his wife wants to drop him, the military wants to ignore him, and society wants to forget him. The movie and book have the same title. What is the novel and who wrote it?

a. "Winners and Losers" by Gloria Emerson
b. "Close Quarters" by Larry Heinemann
c. "Some Kind of Hero" by James Kirkwood (Home)

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