Vietnam War

American Veterans Traveling Tribute
The mission of the "Traveling Tribute" is to traverse America, being displayed in as many communities as annual scheduling permits. One of the Tribute's primary functions is to allow people visiting the site to share a common bond of experience. As memory begins to fade on the sacrifices made by those who gave when America asked, a vital component of the Tribute is its educational value for our youth.

Berkeley Vietnam Veterans Memorial
U.S. Military Personnel from the City of Berkeley who died in the Vietnam War.

Colonel Ngo The Linh Website
Honoring a Vietnamese Special Forces Commander and all Vietnamese heroeswho fought and died for Freedom and Democracy in Vietnam.

John Kerry Joins Veterans, families to Dedicate
Massachusetts Vietnam Memorial
Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Major General Nguyen Van Hieu
by Tin Nguyen, Raymond R. Battreall
Meet one of the most gallant warriors of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. This biography depicts ARVN Major General Hieu under different facets: his personal life, his military career, his military exploits, and his unjust death. It reveals General Hieu as an unsung hero, whose tactical and strategic skills put him among the best soldiers of modern times, at par with General Rommel of Germany, Patton of the United States, Montgomery of England and Leclerc of France.

Memories Are Like Clouds
by Diana J. Dell
Set in the 1950s, "Memories Are Like Clouds" is a touching childhood memoir of a sister and her brother, who died in Vietnam. This poignant baby-boom story, filled with memorable characters, is a fond remembrance of growing up in small-town America when life seemed simple.

The Moving Wall
The traveling half-size replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial
Dedicated May 7, 1995, the NJVVM, the largest state memorial in the nation, pays tribute to all those who served during the Vietnam Era and honors the names of 1,556 New Jerseyans who were killed in Vietnam or remain missing today. Adjacent to the Memorial is the nation's first Vietnam Era Educational Center, with exhibits, a research library, guided tours, and special programs about both the war "In Country," Vietnam, and events in "The World," back home in America.

Ronnie L. Hensley POW/MIA

Shrapnel in the Heart: Letters and Remembrances from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
by Laura Palmer
"Thousands of letters and messages have been left at the Vietnam Memorial Wall since its dedication in 1982, many preserved by the National Park Service as part of a planned museum collection. Palmer, who worked in Saigon as a reporter in the early '70s, found and interviewed many of the people who left them. The resulting book combines the messages with the comments of those who wrote them, and one would have to look far to find a work that stirs deeper emotions. Reading it is a cathartic experience rather than a depressing one. The bodies of the fallen are buried elsewhere, but as far as the surviving family members, friends and comrades are concerned, the spirits of the dead seem to dwell in and around the monument itself. "Shrapnel in the Heart" is in its own way as awesome a memorial as the wall." --Publishers Weekly

The Springfield 50 Project's
Western Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans Memorial

United States War Dogs Association, Inc.
A nonprofit organization of former US Military Dog Handlers and supporting members committed to promoting the long history of the Military Service Dogs, establishing permanent War Dog Memorials, and educating the public about the invaluable service of these canines to our country.

Vietnam Era Educational Center
The nation's first Vietnam Era Educational Center, located adjacent to the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, features exhibits, a research library, guided tours, and special programs about both the war "In Country," Vietnam, and events in "The World," back home in America.

Vietnam Women's Memorial Project
Honoring military and civilian women who served their country.