Vietnam War Quiz:
Characters in Novels

The answers appear after the last question, number 13.

1. Madame Dieudonne commits suicide in "The Bamboo Bed." Who wrote it?

a. Jacques Leclerc
b. William Eastlake
c. Albert Sarraut

2. Captain Clancy, an American Ranger, appears in what book? Who wrote it?

a. "The Bamboo Bed" by William Eastlake
b. "Hell in a Very Small Place" by Bernard Fall
c. "Guns Up!" by Johnnie Clark

3. In what book does the soldier Henry Winstead appear?

a. "War Games" by James Park Sloan
b. "The Flame in the Icebox" by C. T. Morrison
c. "The Big V" by William Pelfry

4. Lt. Chris Hawkins is an inexperienced officer who takes charge of a Marine platoon in what book?

a. "Weary Falcon" by Tom Mayer
b. "Body Count" by William Huggett
c. "And Brave Men, Too" by Timothy Lowry

5. Private Nathan Long, who goes on a hunger strike to protest the war, is in what novel?

a. "Coward" by Tom Tiede
b." In Good Company" by Gary McKay
c. "Survivors" by Zalin Grant

6. Will Goodrich is a Harvard student who enlists in the Marine Corps band and ends up in Vietnam in what book?

a. "My Secret War" by Richard Drury
b. "Fields of Fire" by James Webb
c. "Hum a Few Bars" by Richard Elite

7. Paul Berlin, Doc Peret, Corson, and Stink Harris are characters in what Tim O'Brien novel?

a. "Going after Cacciato"
b. "Following the Pasta Man"
c. "Get Shorty"

8. Corporal Stephen Courcey, an expert in demolitions, is the central character in what book by Daniel Ford?

a. "Bang!"
b. "The Dynamite Kid"
c. "Incident at Muc Wa"

9. Colonel Scott Leonard and General Huang Huu-Lac are characters in what book?

a. "The Killing at Ngo Tho" by Gene Moore
b. "The Killing in Cholon" by Gene Moore
c." The Murder on Tu Do" by Gene Evans

10. George Lemming, a general of the 12th Infantry Division, is a character in what 1972 novel?

a. "REMF Diary" by David A Willson
b. "Don's Nam" by Franklin D. Rast
c. "The Lionheads" by Josiah Bunting

11. Sergeant "Slag" Krummel is the narrator in what 1969 novel?

a. "One to Count Cadence" by James Crumley
b. "A Rumor of War" by Philip Caputo
c. "Soldiers in Revolt" by David Cortright

12. Beaupre, Thuong, and Redfern are characters in what David Halberstam novel?

a. "One Very Cold Night"
b. "One Very Hot Day"
c. "One Very Rainy Month"

13. William "Joker" Doolittle is a combat reporter in what novel?

a. "The Short-Timers" by Gustav Hasford
b. "The Poker Game" by Dan Rather
c. "OSS" by Peter Dewey (Home)

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Answers: 1-b, 2-a, 3-c, 4-b, 5-a, 6-b, 7-a, 8-c, 9-a, 10-c, 11-a, 12-b, 13-a