Vietnam War
Battalions, Brigades, Corps, Divisions, Organizations, Platoons, Units

Air America
Air America was a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) proprietary.

Amphibious Forces
Used transport and cargo ships, helicopters, tank landing ships, and dock landing ships.

An organizational institution.

An artillery unit.

A basic military organizational institution..

Capital Division
The Republic of Korea (ROK) sent combat forces to South Vietnam.

First Aviation Brigade
Headquartered at Tan Son Nhut Air Base and Long Binh.

A History of the 58th Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)
The 58th Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog) was in South Vietnam from February 18, 1968 to July 21, 1971 and served in ten campaigns of the Vietnam War, earning four unit citations.

IV Corps
IV Corps was the southernmost of the four major military and administrative units of South Vietnam in the 1960s and early 1970s.

4th Infantry Division
Known as the Ivy Division.

Kit Carson Scouts
Former Vietcong guerrillas who had "rallied" to the government, frequently under the Chieu Hoi Program.

Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV)
A unified command subject to the direction of the Commander in Chief, Pacific.

Mobile Guerrilla Forces
Known as Blackjack Missions.

101st Airborne Division (AIRMOBILE)
The elite U.S. military unit.

199th Light Infantry Brigade
The 199th sustained more than 3,200 casualties during its stay in South Vietnam.

Naval construction units, known as Seabees, were active in the Vietnam conflict from the very beginning of the American presence there.

Seal Teams
The United States Navy started its own counterinsurgency groups, known as sea, air, and land (SEAL) teams.

II Corps
II Corps was the second allied combat tactical zone in South Vietnam.

II Field Force Vietnam
Headquartered at Bien Hoa.

Special Forces
First organized in 1952 to establish guerrilla warfare capabilities behind enemy lines.

III Corps
III Corps was the third allied combat tactical zone in South Vietnam.

Third Marine Amphibious Brigade
When the Third Marine Amphibious Force left Da Nang in April 1971, the Third Marine Amphibious Brigade (3rd MAB) took its place.

Third Marine Division
Medals of Honor were awarded to twenty-nine marines and one corpsman who served with the division.