Vietnam War

Aftershock: Poems and Prose of the Vietnam War
by Jim Nye
First Sentence: "So we'll walk this trail a little . . ."

Carrying the Darkness: The Poetry of the Vietnam War
by W. D. Ehrhart (Editor)
"Some of the poems are quite touching, while others reveal harsh experiences soldiers faced, occasionally using crass expressions. As editor W.D. Ehrhart points out, authors range from war veterans to those who were draft resisters and activists, as well as 'living-room observers.' Some of the poets include Robert Bly, John Balaban, Yusef Komunyakaa, Walter McDonald, David Mura, Bruce Weigl, and Ehrhart himself." --Amazon Reader

Circle of Helmets: Poetry and Letters of the Vietnam War
by Rick St. John
"Circle of Helmets" is a poignant account of one infantryman's tour in Vietnam -- told through his letters written just hours after actual combat, coupled with raw and intense poems about those experiences written by that same man thirty years later.

by Philip Mahony (Editor)
"Wanting to revive awareness of the Vietnam War, which he sees slipping into oblivion because Americans would rather not talk about it, Philip Mahony has crafted a new kind of war-poetry anthology. He has chosen poems by both Americans and Vietnamese; by both adults involved in the fighting and children, now grown, who were displaced by it; and by both combatants and protesters." --Booklist

Last Lambs: New & Selected Poems of Vietnam
by Bill Bauer
"Modern poetry has become more and more obscure and increasingly obtuse. "Last Lambs" is a refreshing movement away from the didacticism of most recent poetry and offers much insight into the personal experience of participating in the Vietnam War." --Amazon Reader

Memories of a Lost War: American Poetic Responses to the Vietnam War
by Subarno Chattarji
In this unique and significant addition to Vietnam studies, "Memories of a Lost War" analyzes the poems written by American veterans, protest poets, and Vietnamese, within political, aesthetic, and cultural contexts. Drawing on a wealth of material often published in small presses and journals, the book highlights the horrors of war and the continuing traumas of veterans in post-Vietnam America. In its inclusion of Vietnamese perspectives, the book marks a departure from earlier works that have largely concentrated on Vietnam as a war rather than a country.

Purple Hearts: Poetry of The Vietnam War
by W. H. McDonald Jr.
Poetry about the experience of the Vietnam War and afterwards by a combat veteran.

by Sergeant Major (Ret) George S. Kulas

Unaccustomed Mercy: Soldier-Poets of the Vietnam War
by W. D. Ehrhart (Editor)
"We all owe our gratitude not just to the poets of the Vietnam War, but most certainly to Will Ehrhart for ceaselessly working to bring us this exceptionally beautifull form of expression." --S. Annand

Vets of Nam
by Sergeant Major (Ret) George S. Kulas

The Vietnam War in American Stories, Songs, and Poems
by H. Bruce Franklin
The first college anthology of American literature about the Vietnam War brings together 16 stories, 5 songs, and 63 poems in an affordable text for literature and history courses.

Visions of War, Dreams of Peace
by Joan Furey, Lynda Van Devanter
First Sentence: "I will never forget Vietnam . . . It is always there, and until the day that I am six feet under, Vietnam will always be there: the sights, the sounds, the smells, the happy times and the bad times . . . It is as real now as it was when I was there."