And Other Vietnam War Short Stories

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by Diana J. Dell

ISBN: 1893652904


A Saigon Party:
And Other Vietnam War Short Stories
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A Saigon Party:
And Other Vietnam War Short Stories
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In 1970, two years after her brother Kenny was killed in the Mekong Delta, Diana Dell went to Vietnam as a civilian with USO. For the first six months, she was a program director at the USO Aloha Club at 22nd Replacement Battalion in Cam Ranh Bay, then this humanitarian organization's in-country director of public relations, and also the host of a daily radio show, "USO Showtime," on American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN), the military station in Saigon.

As an eyewitness to the most significant event of the coming-of-age Baby Boom Generation, she claims that she will be telling war stories until her final moment on this earth.

However, Diana’s tales -- some exaggerated, many true -- are not about battles, blood, gore, or angst. They are about participants of the war other than grunts: CIA agents, bar girls, war profiteers, missionaries, donut dollies, strippers, civilian contractors, pilots, cooks, telephone operators, disc jockeys, rock stars, landladies, pedicab drivers, generals, Buddhist monks, movie stars, pickpockets, politicians, prostitutes, prisoners, beggars, nightclub owners, drug counselors, Montagnard tribesmen, foreign correspondents, ambassadors, doctors, humanitarians, celebrity tourists, and other REMFs, civilian as well as military.

Irreverent, sardonic, creative, cynical, unique, astute, sarcastic, original, satirical, witty, intelligent, cheeky, and insightful are a few of the words used to describe "A Saigon Party: And Other Vietnam War Short Stories," which includes:

Barbie and Ken Experience the War

A Pedicab Driver Peddles Through History

Sunning on the Deck

A CIA Hired Wife Bares Her Soul

The 4th of July

Major Holloway, Lifer

The Vietnamese Rock Star Interview on AFVN

Yolanda's Favorite Beggar

Saigon Rumors

Barbie's Combat Zone Diary

General Westmoreland's Houseboy (and VC Spy) Talks

The Library Card

The Glazed Donut Dolly Reminisces

The Philanthropic Executives

The War Through Pamela Rose's Eyes

A Saigon Warrior's Journal

Rob Clawson, Soldier of Fortune

The VC Colonel, a.k.a. Hannah

The American Journalist's Deathbed Confession

Dan Quayle's Double

About the author:

Diana Dell was born in 1946 in East Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, where she grew up, and graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in journalism. Then she worked as a journalist on a newspaper and also taught second grade. In 1970, two years after her brother Kenny was killed in the Mekong Delta, she went to Vietnam as a civilian with USO.

She was a program director in Cam Ranh Bay and director of public relations in Saigon, where she hosted "USO Showtime," a daily program on American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) radio. In addition, she set up "Feed the Children" programs in orphanages, coordinated programs and publicity for the 14 centers in-country, and escorted USO shows and visiting celebrities around Vietnam from the Delta to the DMZ.

Upon leaving Vietnam, following the Easter Offensive in 1972, she worked in Europe for a year as publicity director at the Frankfurt USO and two years as a freelance writer and photographer in Athens and Madrid.

After owning an advertising agency in Massachusetts for 10 years, she sold it and taught Vietnam War history and journalism classes at Tampa College. Diana divides her writing time between Boston and Clearwater, Florida.