Vietnam War Quiz:

Choose the correct meaning.
The answers appear after the last question, number 10.

1. Alpha Bravo

a. ambush
b. another bomb
c. allied battalion

2. beans

a. a drink
b. a meal
c. a drug

3. believer

a. a rifle
b. a dead soldier
c. a college student

4. bird

a. a private
b. a helicopter
c. a general

5. boonies

a. the city
b. the jungle
c. Tu Do Street

6. Chuck

a. a U.S. soldier
b. lunch
c. the Viet Cong

7. Charlie rats

a. Saigon police
b. river patrols
c. army combat rations

8. cherry

a. the VC
b. blood
c. a new troop replacement

9. ghost time

a. CIA interview
b. walking point
c. do nothing

10. green

a. under fire
b. sick with malaria
c. safe

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Vietnam War Quiz (index)

Answers: 1-a, 2-b, 3-b, 4-b, 5-b, 6-c, 7-c, 8-c, 9-c, 10-c

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A Saigon Party:
And Other Vietnam War Short Stories

General Creighton Abrams

Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN)

Bao Dai

McGeorge Bundy

Ellsworth Bunker

Declaration of Independence
of the Democratic Republic of Viet-Nam
Ho Chi Minh's Speech,
Ba Dinh Square, September 2, 1945

Democratic Republic of Vietnam
Peace Proposal

Pham Van Dong


Military-Industrial Complex Speech,
Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Presidential Press Conference, April 7, 1954

Eisenhower's Letter of Support
to Ngo Dinh Diem

President Ford's Speech
on the Fall of Vietnam, 24 April 1975

French Indochina

J. William Fulbright Testifies
on China and Vietnam, 1966

Vo Nguyen Giap

A History of the 58th Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)

The Ho Chi Minh Trail

Inaugural Address,
President John F. Kennedy,
Washington, D.C., January 20, 1961

President Lyndon B. Johnson's Address
at Johns Hopkins University:
"Peace Without Conquest" April 7, 1965

President Johnson on U.S. Aims in Vietnam

Nguyen Cao Ky

Edward Lansdale

Letter from President Nixon
to President Nguyen Van Thieu
of the Republic of Vietnam
January 5, 1973

Richard Milhous Nixon's
First Inaugural Address,
January 20, 1969

President Nixon's
"Silent Majority" Speech

Excerpts from the Paris Accords

Peace Proposal
of the Provisional Revolutionary Government
of the Republic of South Viet Nam

South Vietnam

Oliver Stone

Nguyen Van Thieu


A Shot and a Wound
by David A. Willson

Another Vietnam War Story or Two
by David A. Willson

The Assault
by J.E. Colussi

That Year In Saigon:
A Screenplay

Barbie and Ken
Experience the War

A Pedicab Driver
Peddles Through History

A CIA Hired Wife
Bares Her Soul

The Vietnamese Rock Star
Interview on AFVN

Yolanda's Favorite Beggar

Saigon Rumors

General Westmoreland's Houseboy
(and VC Spy) Talks

The Library Card

A Saigon Warrior's Journal