Trips to Vietnam

36 Years and a Wake-up: An American Returns to Vietnam
by Carey J. Spearman, James D. Criswell (Editor)
Carey Spearman teaches us about the modern Vietnam veteran by revealing his most intimate emotions about his first return to Vietnam in 36 years since the war.

Black Virgin Mountain: A Return to Vietnam
by Larry Heinemann
First Sentence: I was a soldier once, and did a year's combat tour in Vietnam with the 25th Infantry Division at Cu Chi and Dau Tieng from March 1967 until March 1968.

Catfish and Mandala: A 2 Wheeled Voyage Through the Landscape and Memory of Vietnam
by Andrew X. Pham
The son of Vietnamese parents who suffered terribly during the Vietnam War and brought their family to America when he was 10, Pham, on the cusp of his 30s, defied his parents' conservative hopes for him and his engineering career by becoming a poorly paid freelance writer. After the suicide of his sister, he set off on an even riskier path to travel some of the world on his bicycle. In the grueling, enlightening year that followed, he pedaled through Mexico, the American West Coast, Japan, and finally his far-off first land, Vietnam.

Jane Fonda
Her trip to North Vietnam earned her the rage of American conservatives.

The Truth About My Trip To Hanoi by Jane Fonda
"Some people seem to need to hate and I make a convenient lightning rod. I think the lies and distortions serve some right-wing purpose--fundraising? Demonizing me so as to scare others from becoming out-spoken anti-war activists?"

A Story of Healing (A Video)
In January, 1997, a team of five nurses, four anesthesiologists, and three plastic surgeons arrive in Vietnam from the United States for two weeks' of volunteer work.

Vietnam, Now: A Reporter Returns
by David Lamb
"Part memoir, part historical narrative, part travelogue, part journalism, Lamb's worthy effort is a personality-driven look at Vietnam today." --Publishers Weekly