Women in Vietnam: The Oral History

by Ronald Steinman

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ISBN: 0974289434

Women in Vietnam: The Oral History
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In one of the great ironies of the Vietnam War, the United States government has no idea how many women actually served. Record keeping at the time did not reflect a person’s gender, so the numbers vary from a low of 8,000 to a high of more than 12,000. Most of these women served as nurses, but they also served in the Women’s Army Corps, the Red Cross, and other government and related agencies. They nursed soldiers in field hospitals, served as intelligence analysts, and performed for the troops on stage and television to help them escape the horrors of war. All were volunteers; none were drafted. When they returned home, many of them suffered not only the psychological hardships of surviving the conflict, but the added indignity of not being recognized as “real” veterans by their male counterparts. They have remained essentially invisible to the public.

In "Women in Vietnam," veteran journalist Ron Steinman, author of "The Soldiers’ Story," collects the testimonies of sixteen remarkable women who served, and provides an unflinching account of this crucial and long-ignored part of the war. In powerful first-hand accounts, we read of their experiences on the front lines, on the bases, and in the cities, towns, and villages. Whether working in the heart of triage or helping to dispense good cheer and raise morale, all of these women served with honor, without complaint, and with distinction. "Women in Vietnam" is not only a unique historical document, but a powerful record of extraordinary accomplishment.

“The women of Vietnam have been too often forgotten. Anyone who reads this book will never forget them again.”
--Linda Ellerbee

“These were the girls next door, the American women who did not have to serve, the sisters and daughters who cared so much for the American GIs they went where no one wanted to go, and did what the faint of heart could not. Each story in this book brings us one step closer to unveiling the full truth of the Vietnam War.”
--Diane Carlson Evans RN, Founder and Chair, Vietnam Women’s Memorial Project. Vietnam, 1968-69 Army Nurse Corps

“With the skill of an old Saigon hand, Ron Steinman adds a new chapter to the history of America’s longest war. These are poignant stories, told by valiant women who volunteered for Vietnam to support the men who fought there – and often to save their lives.”
--Liz Trotta, New Your Bureau Chief, The Washington Times and former Vietnam War correspondent for NBC News

From a New Author's Note on Women in Iraq
"It is impossible to ignore history. Women are now more than ever an integral part of the United States military. Today their presence is everywhere and their role important.

Since Vietnam, they have become soldiers in Iraq, and wherever our forces serve. Taking a look at the differences between Vietnam and Iraq will help us appreciate the American women who are in uniform today and looking at the role they play in Iraq will help us see how far they have come since Vietnam. For the most part, unless someone points it out, we do not take special notice that women are in Iraq and Afghanistan, unless of course they do something that is in one way or another, beyond the call of duty."